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Why is Karl Friedrich Scheufele Revolution's Person of the year 2018? This is what you need to know. Scheufele won the Aiguille d'Or at the 2016 Geneva Grand Prix for the ethereal Ferdinand Berthoud Regulator with a low frequency tourbillon, suspended chain, and fusee. He was then invited to be part of the jury in 2017 for the Replica IWC Pilot L.U.C Full Strike competition,Replica IWC Pilot where it was a hot contender for the grand award. So when it came time for the other jury members -- including my friends Aurel Bacs, EricKu and Nick Foulkes -- todiscuss the Full Strike, Scheufele, ever the gentleman, excused himself so that theycouldremaintotally impartial.

The song of the watch was breathtaking. Incendiary. Transcendent. It was the first minute-repeater to use sapphire crystal gongs. These gongs were made of the same monobloc material that is used to make watch crystals. This innovation was a reflection of everything Scheufele values. Scheufele's L.U.C complication has elevated the sport to the point where he has forever changed it. From his COSC certified 4 Hz Tourbillon to his integrated column-wheel vertical-clutch Chronograph with precision jump-minute counter, zero reset for small seconds and his 8 Hz High-frequency Watch, Scheufele is a pioneer in the field.

Mr Karl-Friedrich Scheufele is the co-president at Replica IWC Pilot

Scheufele will be on the jury for the Geneva Grand Prix in 2018,U-Boat Replica Watches and we wanted to honor him for all of the innovations he has made to modern horology during the last 21 years. He's always been a gentleman and has blazed a trail of extraordinary innovation, making him more than Revolution's Person of the year 2018.